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If you think that real estate agent is the only career in the real estate industry, you are so wrong. The industry is composed of many talents that are working together to create new building and develop new communities. There are a lot of people who work behind the curtain of sales scenes. Let’s take a look at the careers in the real estate industry: 

Sales Agents 

According to an article from Forbes magazine, being a real estate agent is the happiest job in America. Participants in the survey like their job because it gives them more freedom over their work schedule. They have the flexibility with their time which is uncommon for many corporate/sales occupations. Their main responsibility is to help their clients buy or sell a property.  They also take care of loan application, price negotiation, and closing the sale. Before they become sales agents, they received college degrees in various courses (most preferable sales), went through different training and pass the licensure examinations for realtors. 

Office Manager 

The job of a real estate office manager involves meeting with prospective clients, managing real estate business, marketing, financial management, and brokerage. He is also involved in hiring real estate agents to work for a firm. Real estate managers can be self-employed or work full-time for a real estate firm. 

Property Manager  

A property manager plays an important role in managing and maintaining the structural value of a property-whether residential (e.g. apartments, houses, and condominiums); commercial (e.g. shopping centers, retail stores, offices) or industrial (e.g. factories, manufacturing plants). His goal is to ensure that the investors of the company are gaining profit from their projects. Often times, property managers are on-call 24/7 to attend to emergencies and problems arising from the properties they handle. 


Appraisers essentially evaluate property values. Their job involves assessing the profitability of properties as well as tax values, rental, insurance and accounting values. Someone who is good with numbers has a keen knowledge of accounting and economics principles, real estate education and insight of local housing market activities are a good fit for this type of work. 

Mortgage Specialist  

Mortgage specialists help potential owners choose the right kind of loan for them. They also help businesses collect loans they’ve provided to customers. They can work for a firm or independently. 

Copywriter/Technical Writer/Researcher  

Researchers are usually part of the business development department of a real estate firm. They are either technical writers or journalists who are employed by brokerage companies. Brokers, developers and other types of real estate professionals depend on the data provided by researchers. Researchers create two types of a report on a prospective property: physical, which concerns the building makeup and structures; and economic, which provides forecasts or insight on industry trends, market behavior, and financing. 

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